Which Way???


What do you know

about where to go?

A choice to make

a chance to take.

Your own strength

or allow God to sustain

Life is full of more light

when we choose life over flight

forgiveness over revenge

joy over pain

love over fear

have faith… you are almost home

God the Father

He is always there

just believe… He is so near

Right beside you, holding your hand

All part of the master plan

life over death

heaven over hell…

It will soon be over

He loves you like no other…

After all… He died because of His love for you

And you, know it is TRUTH!




Beauty in the Light…


A kiss in the wind… a wave goodbye

Words of love, a smile, a grin

Look up in the sky… remember it all

The happy flutters, the cloud covers… rolling by

Sweet songs

Beautiful flowers

Dreary dark days

Full of showers…

Turn left, turn right… look up, look down

Each day, each moment

Never lose sight…

Behind the clouds the sun will always peek through

Sadness and doubt eventually come with peace and joy too…

To My Mom


How can you live life knowing someone’s gone away?

Someone who held you up at any time on any given day.

Words of advice and guidance when I was unsure

an “I love you”, an outstretched had, to keep me secure.

You were my rock my place to retreat.

I could let go and really be me.

I miss you every day and all that we shared.

I miss your smiles most and all the ways you cared.

But I hear the words you often said

“Always be true” inside my head.

I carry that with me inside my heart

Remembering each morning as the day starts.

You are with me always in all that I do

And in my heart…

I will forever love you.


You Found My Heart


Like the river endlessly flows

          my feeling for you continuously grows.

The water runs along at its own pace

           as my heart begins to fill a space.

The quiet and peaceful rushing of the water

            like nothing else matters now or ever.

As we grow closer we will continue

             along a path towards something true.

Something wonderful felt so deep inside

              so much like the water and nature outside.

The calm inside me that I feel with you

               reminds me of the water and the sky so blue.

The smile you put in my heart and on my face

                is something no one else could ever replace.

It warms me inside all throughout

                 like the sun reflects on the water all about.

The beautiful light as it shines into the water below

                  you found my light and encouraged me to let it show.

Thank you for all you have shown me yesterday and today

                   just gaze out over the water and you’ll understand what I say.

As the water rushes out to find its way to the sea

                    you have found my heart and that is where you will always be.

I CAN Forgive


How can I FORGIVE?

You took all I had to give…

I feel so very empty

Hurt is all that is inside of me

Anger is now consuming

Swirling around and growing…

How can I possibly let go?

So confused… I don’t even know…

But then in the darkness

Comes the ONE who loves me

JESUS takes away the hurt, the anger

HE replaces it with something better

Love, His love, 

The love that loves anyway

Forever and Always

Even when it hurts

Even in anger

Love eases, comforts, heals

Love strengthens, reveals

In that love we see how He loves us and once again we live

Once more, surrounded by the love of the Father

I can forgive…

love-mother theresa