People of the World

People, people everywhere

Here and there…

Where are they all going?

Are they done

Or are they moving on?


So many different faces

Colors, shapes and sizes

Smiles and laughter

Eyes twinkling bright…

Determination and maybe some fear

Who will they see

Will they finally get it right?

It’s crazy though

Even in the crowd…

There is a huge peace there

I feel you Father… 

You are amidst your creation

Watching, guiding, 

Protecting and loving

Even those who do not know,

YOU are there…

The Perfect Place

Peace flowing over me

flowing so freely

Love filling my heart completely

to the ultimate capacity

Rest in this time

wait and you will see

The healing will come in everything

Let me love you my precious

I will show you how I have prepared the way

The path has been cleared

and you, my anointed daughter know the way…

You have been courageous

you have risked

you have opened your heart

and now…

I will show you all you truly are…


We really don’t know what life will bring our way. As a believer, we at least have the promises of the Lord to remind us of what we have… a Father who loves us.

In the past two weeks I have come to know a place that is so sweet and precious, I try to go there every day, sometimes many times throughout the day.

This place is a place where I hang out with God… it is our secret place.

The secret place is not even a place, but rather just being with God. It can be anywhere and anytime, but it is only found in the presence of the Father. As we connect with His Spirit, we find communion with Him… this is the secret place.

This secret place is actually inside of us… we are the secret place, at least when we connect with the Father and His Spirit… we are the secret place where God meets with us.

In the past few weeks I have come to an amazing revelation about my private time with the Lord. The Father has revealed to me that I don’t even have to “do” anything, but rather just “be” with Him. All He really wants is for me to come to Him, and spend time with Him. Sometimes that spending time with Him is reading His Word. Sometimes that spending time with Him is praise and worship. Sometimes that spending time with Him is complete silence.

How I spend time with the Father does not matter to Him. Where my heart is during that time is what matters. Is my spirit connected to His when I am with Him? That is the key… the Father wants connection with me. Spirit to spirit is the most intimate connection I can have with the Father. This is how I know Him and He knows me… we become one.

In the presence of the Father I am fully me. My true identity is revealed in the fullness of the Father’s love. This is where I find hope. This is where I feel peace. This is where I become free… this is where the love of the Father covers me.

I don’t have to do anything for love or acceptance, because God loves me anyway. He loves me at my best AND at my worst. The one thing the Lord wants from me… He wants me to come hang out with Him.  The more I spend time with Him, the more I just love it! And, as I come more into His presence, the easier it gets to lose myself in His love. It is truly an amazing feeling to be with the creator of the universe… and know how much He loves me. Not only that, to know that He is there whenever I am ready… how sweet is that. I would be crazy to not want to be there with Him…  I wish I had figured it out sooner, but I am so glad I know about it now! I have found the most perfect place there is, with my Daddy, Father God, in our special place.

If you don’t have a secret place where you intimately know God the Father, I encourage you to seek it now. It is the most amazing place you have ever been… truly the perfect place!

True Strength

My strength comes from YOU                                                                                                               inside my heart YOU pull me through

YOUR love is so intense                                                                                                                          it covers me in completeness

A new place I have found                                                                          my life has turned around

Freedom is what I feel                                                                         because to me YOU are real

No longer am I weak                                                                               YOUR strength encompasses me

Oh, I am so very full too                                                                             Father, so in love with YOU!

In His Arms

Your arms outstretched to me

Like wings creating a covering

Protection from all harm

And even, keeping me warm

Your love is gently moving

To overflowing, then all consuming

In Your protection, I breathe You in

And yet again, Your LOVE rushes in

So powerful and strong

But also peaceful and calm

Like a good Father, You keep me safe

Loving me in that secret place

The only place I ever want to be

With You now and for all eternity!

Lead Me There…


I look into my eyes

there I see all the lies

My life for so long

was nothing but wrong

I was not being me

but who I thought I should be

I could not see through

until the day I found you

The clouds began to part

and slowly I saw into my heart

Who I had become

and how to overcome

You held me

as I began to see

I no longer had to hide

from the person inside

I could be happy and secure

and finally feel something pure

Now I understand

and I have a new plan

I have much to give

and a life to really live

I will live my life in a way

to give me joy every day

And I will never look back again

or wonder what would have been

Because I have found my way through

to a love I will never lose.


The FATHER’s Gift


Forever is all we need

all through eternity

GOD, You are the ONE

who has given Your SON

JESUS cleared the way

for us to be with You today

In this moment, to us YOU call

Oh Father, I give YOU my all.

A life with YOU

too good to be true

But, it is what YOU offer

A LOVE like no other

A gift so amazing

YOU, Father, we are praising!!!


I Am Yours


I am yours, you are mine…

We are one, intertwined

We love, we laugh

We walk our life’s path

We fight, we cry

We look up to the sky

We pray, we praise

We learn His ways

We forgive, we forget

We never regret

We give thanks always

We don’t turn away

We do His will in all things

We are showered with blessings

We share what we have with others

We are all His kids, sisters & brothers

We love you, no other…

God our Heavenly Father



I am beyond thankful for you and oh the many wonderful things you do

The memories we are making, the moments we share… I truly cherish you and the way you care

Feelings and experience in my life never seen before… I am thankful for a life with you and look forward to more

So now in this moment think of me as you fall asleep… and then when you dream you will see me.