The Real Me

When you look at me what do you see? I wonder because I am so good so good at hiding Afraid that if you knew you wouldn’t like me Getting too close was not an option that flaw, the imperfection, the mistake you would judge me… then decide I was not worthy The truth… did … More The Real Me

My Secret Place

That secret place What does it mean Why do I go there Who do I meet God is there Waiting for me Wanting to visit  And commune with me All He wants  Is for me to come No expectations Open-hearted Willing… For He has so much to share with me Answers to my questions Solutions … More My Secret Place

People of the World

People, people everywhere Here and there… Where are they all going? Are they done Or are they moving on? Faces So many different faces Colors, shapes and sizes Smiles and laughter Eyes twinkling bright… Determination and maybe some fear Who will they see Will they finally get it right? It’s crazy though Even in the … More People of the World

The Perfect Place

Peace flowing over me flowing so freely Love filling my heart completely to the ultimate capacity Rest in this time wait and you will see The healing will come in everything Let me love you my precious I will show you how I have prepared the way The path has been cleared and you, my … More The Perfect Place

In His Arms

Your arms outstretched to me Like wings creating a covering Protection from all harm And even, keeping me warm Your love is gently moving To overflowing, then all consuming In Your protection, I breathe You in And yet again, Your LOVE rushes in So powerful and strong But also peaceful and calm Like a good … More In His Arms

To Be Happy

As I sit under the tree I watch the world around me The life in everything signs of another spring The simple beauty I see fills me with an inner peace Reminding me to enjoy all and be happy large or small Every different creature and the miracle of nature Guide me in a way … More To Be Happy