God Speaks…

God speaks. This is something I hear often, especially within the church environment. In my community we believe that this is truth. And there are two reasons why I know it to be true. I am not just believing what I am being told, I am testing and searching out the truth with the resources … More God Speaks…

Like a Child

Like a child. We hear that a lot. In fact, as I have gone through that last year I have heard that more than once. It has even been personal, meaning the Lord has spoken it to me directly. So, what does it mean? Observing children will give a fairly clear understanding. A child is … More Like a Child


I am everywhere, in everything, flowing freely for all to have. Yet, some fear me. Some desire me with all that they are, but they are afraid. It might have seemed like I hurt you at some point in time, but that is a lie. I do not hurt… but it may be perceived as … More I Am LOVE

Unpack That Verse… Psalm 119:45 Walking in Freedom

And I will walk at liberty, for I seek YOUR precepts.  Psalm 119:45 (NKJV) God’s precepts are His Word… seeking His precepts are actually seeking Him. For, remember, His Word was made flesh through Jesus. Seeking Jesus is how we seek His precepts. Through this seeking and then finding and because God is always there just … More Unpack That Verse… Psalm 119:45 Walking in Freedom

The Secret Place

The secret place… What is it? Where is it? How do you get there? Come with me as we dig in and answer these questions together, for it is surely a place we all have been and truly want to go back often. Many think that this secret place is actually a place we have … More The Secret Place