True Strength

My strength comes from YOU                                                                                                               inside my heart YOU pull me through

YOUR love is so intense                                                                                                                          it covers me in completeness

A new place I have found                                                                          my life has turned around

Freedom is what I feel                                                                         because to me YOU are real

No longer am I weak                                                                               YOUR strength encompasses me

Oh, I am so very full too                                                                             Father, so in love with YOU!

To My Mom


How can you live life knowing someone’s gone away?

Someone who held you up at any time on any given day.

Words of advice and guidance when I was unsure

an “I love you”, an outstretched had, to keep me secure.

You were my rock my place to retreat.

I could let go and really be me.

I miss you every day and all that we shared.

I miss your smiles most and all the ways you cared.

But I hear the words you often said

“Always be true” inside my head.

I carry that with me inside my heart

Remembering each morning as the day starts.

You are with me always in all that I do

And in my heart…

I will forever love you.




Life is full of so many things. Moments creating memories. These are the seasons in life.

SEASONS of happiness

SEASONS of sadness

Even though some seasons might seem almost unbearable, and you cannot wait for them to be gone. You have the ones that you will want to remember and even relive over and over because they were so amazing!


Each season brings opportunities.

Opportunities to FORGIVE

Opportunities to LOVE

Each moment is a deciding factor in what will happen next. And what happens next defines who we are. Who we are is determined by how we respond in happiness and sadness…

Lord lead me

Character is strengthened throughout the seasons in life. Or, character is broken down. Choosing to follow God and His will for your life will help you in making better choices… choices that will lead you to a fullness of life.

Fullness of life…ABUNDANCE

As the Father intended for all of us. Abundance in happiness AND in sadness, because JESUS is with us through ALL of it!!! And with Him walking beside us in each season, we are stronger.


Seasons come and seasons go. Things in our life change, CONSTANTLY. It’s a mere fact of life. And unfortunately, a lot of our seasons and life experience are really ones we would rather have a “do-over” on! But, as I believe the LORD has a plan, I also believe that our strength and character come from EVERY season we walk through.


Every tear we cry, makes us stronger

Every smile we share, makes us stronger

Every broken heart, makes us stronger

Every prayer we speak, makes us stronger

Every time we choose love… we are made stronger

Every time we mirror JESUS and respond in HIS love… we walk with the FATHER.

And one thing I know to be true is walking with the FATHER is the ONLY place I ever want to be. WHY???

A season with HIM is ALWAYS better than one without HIM!!!


I CAN Forgive


How can I FORGIVE?

You took all I had to give…

I feel so very empty

Hurt is all that is inside of me

Anger is now consuming

Swirling around and growing…

How can I possibly let go?

So confused… I don’t even know…

But then in the darkness

Comes the ONE who loves me

JESUS takes away the hurt, the anger

HE replaces it with something better

Love, His love, 

The love that loves anyway

Forever and Always

Even when it hurts

Even in anger

Love eases, comforts, heals

Love strengthens, reveals

In that love we see how He loves us and once again we live

Once more, surrounded by the love of the Father

I can forgive…

love-mother theresa